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The Catastrophic Consequences Of Anesthesia Errors

AnesthesiaA patient is never more vulnerable than when he or she is under anesthesia. That patient places great trust in an anesthesiologist. The slightest miscalculation or failure to recognize a seemingly minor detail can have catastrophic consequences. Some victims emerge from surgery suffering brain damage. Tragically, others die.

At Novak LLP in Cleveland, Ohio, we enjoy a respected reputation for successfully litigating these cases. Our goal is to maximize compensation for victims of medical malpractice.

Our Cleveland medical malpractice attorneys are also known for their personalized approach to these cases and insight as former insurance defense attorneys. In fact, peer law firms often refer complex medical negligence claims to us.

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Why These Cases Are So Challenging

Medical malpractice claims that involve negligence of an anesthesiologist are challenging and complex. Proving negligence requires an in-depth investigation of the events prior to, during and following the surgery. Those efforts require a dedicated attorney at a law firm that possesses the medical knowledge and financial resources to get to the facts.

We have handled cases involving all types of anesthesia errors, including:

  • Using the wrong drugs or the wrong amount to sedate a patient
  • Failing to monitor patient’s vital signs
  • Failing to perform adequate post-operative monitoring
  • Failing to anticipate or appropriately respond to adverse reactions to anesthesia drugs

Contact Us — No Recovery, No Fee

Far too much is at stake to put a complex legal matter in the hands of a less experienced lawyer who may just pass on your anesthesia error claim to another firm.

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