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Failure To Diagnose Strokes And Heart Attacks

heart attackThe onset of chest pains or headaches are often signs of more serious medical problems — particular in those with certain medical histories. Yet, when you visit a doctor’s office or an emergency room, the discomfort may be written off as something minor.

At Novak LLP in Cleveland, Ohio, our experience in the specific niche of medical malpractice has taught us that these so-called minor afflictions can be strong indications of serious, life-threatening problems. Unfortunately, doctors often overlook these conditions by:

  • Failing to take your complaints seriously
  • Failing to conduct an adequate review of your medical history
  • Failing to appreciate the severity of your symptoms
  • Failing to order the proper diagnostic tests
  • Failing to observe your condition for an adequate length of time
  • Failing to administer the right medications in a timely manner

The Importance Of Timely, Accurate Treatment

Many potentially life-threatening conditions are treatable — provided the doctor catches them in time. The longer your doctor takes to diagnose a stroke or heart attack, the less chance you have of a full recovery. Without swift treatment, strokes and heart attacks can lead to lifelong consequences, including:

  • Brain damage
  • Paralysis
  • Speech impairment
  • Loss of mobility

These oversights can also be fatal.

Whatever the outcome, our Cleveland medical malpractice lawyers are prepared to fight for maximum compensation on your behalf. We are committed to holding medical professionals accountable for negligence — especially when that negligence takes a toll on the lives of innocent victims.

Find Out Whether You Have A Case

If you have suffered a stroke or a heart attack following a misdiagnosis from a doctor, you may have a strong legal claim.

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