Most Common Misdiagnosed Medical Conditions

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What are the most common medical malpractice claims? These four claims were the most common in 2016, according to eQuoteMD.

1. Surgical Errors – These include operating on the wrong limb, infection from non-sterile instruments, and improper anesthesia.
2. Misdiagnosis – Medical Professional not accurately reading possible warning signs and preconditions.
3. Prescription Errors – Drug errors include everything from mislabeling medications to prescribing a medicine to which the patient has an allergy.
4. Failure to Treat – Failing to treat a properly diagnosed condition according to the appropriate standard of care is usually the result of overworked, understaffed medical facilities.

According to a 2013 CBS News report, these were the most commonly misdiagnosed illnesses in adults:

1. Cancer
2. Heart Attacks
3. Appendicitis
4. Ectopic Pregnancy
5. Bone Fractures

In children, the two most commonly misdiagnosed medical conditions were meningitis and many forms of cancer.

The CBS News Report informs the public that although only a small fraction of those who seek medical care each year do so because of a serious medical condition such as a heart attack. Heart attack and cancer are two of the most difficult medical conditions to diagnose. Unfortunately, when these serious illnesses are missed, life-saving treatment can be delayed, sometimes resulting in death.

One important note is that misdiagnosis itself is not considered malpractice if, once given the correct diagnosis, the patient is treated and recovers with no long-term side effects. In order to sue a doctor, hospital, clinic, etc. for medical malpractice, the patient and his/her legal team will have to prove that the patient suffered harm as a result of the misdiagnosis.

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