Human Errors and Electronic Medical Records

medical recordsThere are jokes about a doctor’s handwriting, but the reality is, mistakes can be made in trying to read someone’s handwriting. In the medical world, these mistakes can prove harmful or even deadly. Electronic medical records, with no handwriting to decipher, seem like the ideal solution to this problem.

But even electronic medical records can be fraught with errors, and those errors can be just as harmful as indecipherable handwriting. A Cleveland medical malpractice attorney can help you if you’ve been harmed by an error in your medical record. But first, let’s consider what some of those errors might be.

Wrong medication or dosage of medication

A slip of the mouse, or a split second’s glancing away when the doctor or nurse clicks, could result in the assignment of the wrong medication, or a dosage of the correct medication that is too large.

Information put in the wrong chart

Your name is Sally Johnson, and your doctor has another patient named Sandy Johnson. If the doctor or nurse is in a hurry or otherwise not paying attention, they could enter Sandy’s information on your chart, or vice versa. Whether it’s as simple as noting an appointment that you didn’t have, or as serious as putting in that you’re taking a medication that you’re allergic to, mistakes like this can have major consequences.

Of course, this is not a complete list. There are many kinds of errors that could be made, and all of them have varying consequences, from minor to major. No matter how minor the consequences, however, it still has the potential to be medical malpractice.

If you’ve suffered the consequences of an error in your electronic medical records, you need a good medical malpractice attorney in Cleveland Ohio to help you seek justice. Novak LLP can look over the facts of your case and determine the best option for you.

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