Equal Pay Act Violations

The Equal Pay Act forbids an employer from discriminating between male and female employees by paying lower wages to employees of one sex than to the other for jobs that are similar in responsibility, skill and conducted under the same working conditions. Unfortunately, some businesses continue to operate on the old-fashioned idea that a man, based upon his traditional and stereotypical role in society, should be paid more than a woman, even when the woman may be performing the same duties.

If you are a man or a woman and believe that your employer is violating the Equal Pay Act, we can help. Our lawyers at Novak LLP have extensive experience handling a range of employment law issues, including Equal Pay Act violations. We take the time to get to the heart of the case, going to great lengths in order to investigate the matter and uncover the truth. While employers may do their best in order to cover up any illegal employment practices, we work to uncover these illegal actions and hold the employers responsible.

Many employees are unaware that they are experiencing violations of these laws. However, any suspicions may be brought to our firm. We are fluent in the language of the Equal Pay Act and other laws that govern equal pay for men and women in the United States.

It is possible for clients who are experiencing Equal Pay Act violations and wage discrimination to be experiencing other types of discrimination, such as sex, gender or sexual orientation discrimination. Our firm handles all types of employment cases, including those that may stem from your original claim.

Strict statutes of limitations govern the time period within which an employee must bring such claims under the Equal Pay Act. We can assess your case and determine the best way in which to move forward.

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