Doctor Prescribed Wrong Medication?

medicationsPrescription medications have saved countless lives. However, they have also caused serious health problems and death in some patients. Side effects are even more likely if the person is prescribed the wrong medication.

A Doctor’s Responsibility When Prescribing Medication

Doctors have to know the benefits and risks of a drug when they are prescribe a drug. They also need to have an understanding of how the drug can affect the patient. Additionally, they are responsible for informing the person of any potential side effects of the drug.

Medication Mistakes

There are many ways that a physician can prescribe a medication that is not right for him or her. For example, the physician can prescribe a medication that has an ingredient in it that the patient is allergic to it. A medical doctor can also prescribe a medication that interacts with another medication. Furthermore, a physician can prescribe a medication that is not intended to treat the medical condition.

Results of Medication Mistakes

There are a number of ways that medication mistakes can cause problems. It can worsen an existing health problem. It can also cause new health problems.

What to do if you Have Been Hurt by a Medication Mistake

If you have been prescribed the wrong medication, then you will need to contact a medical malpractice attorney. Novak LLP can help you get compensated. It is important to note that a statute of limitations applies to medical malpractice. Ohio has a one-year statute of limitations. You cannot file a medical malpractice lawsuit after this one-year time period is over.

Cleveland Ohio malpractice lawyers can review your case and determine whether there is a link between the medication and your injury. If you are able to win this case, then you will be able to receive compensation for your pain, suffering, lost earnings and medical expenses.