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Class Actions: There Is Strength In Numbers

When a business is negligent, there may be more than one victim. Unfortunately, there may be many.

At Novak LLP in Cleveland, Ohio, we believe there is strength in numbers. With more than 75 years of legal service to our community, we know how to put together strong class-action lawsuits. We know how to pursue maximum compensation for you and for anyone else who suffered due to an act of negligence.

Our Cleveland attorneys have the knowledge to take on a wide range of class-action suits, including:

  • Personal injury and wrongful death: cases in which multiple people were hurt due to defective prescription drugs or over-the-counter medication, defective medical products or other defective consumer products
  • Mortgage fraud: cases in which a lender has engaged in predatory lending that led to financial damage or foreclosure for many people
  • Employment law: cases involving many employees with wage and hour claims, discrimination claims or other employment law claims

Any issue involving physical, financial or other forms of damage to multiple individuals can be cause for a class-action suit.

You Have Been Wronged. We’ll Find Out If Anyone Else Was Too.

While you may have evidence that other people have been victimized in the same way that you were, this isn’t required. Even if you are only certain that you have been wronged, we can help.

It is our job to do the research to determine whether your individual case will turn into a class action. Our lawyers are skilled at digging deep, doing the research and getting the facts to determine what approach to take. You can be confident that we will take the right path to do what is right for you.

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