4 Signs Of a Stroke


signs of a strokeFive Signs That You Are Having a Stroke

Novak Law LLP located in Cleveland, Ohio wants their clients to understand the signs of a stroke so that they can seek immediate medical attention from paramedics and a physician. When you have a stroke, it is a serious problem that can involve having one or more of these symptoms.

Stroke Symptom 1: Sudden Changes In Your Mobility or Balance

If you feel dizzy or are unable to walk, then you must contact a physician because this is one of the most common signs of having a stroke. Your physician can administer treatments and perform diagnostic tests to determine if you are having a stroke.

Stroke Symptom 2: Sudden Visual Problems From One Eye

When you can’t see from one eye, it is possible that you are having a stroke. To avoid additional complications, contact a physician immediately for this medical problem.

Stroke Symptom 3: Having Problems Talking or Communicating

If you are unable to communicate properly, then you are probably having a stroke. You may think that you are speaking normally, but when you talk, your words and sentences may make no sense.

Stroke Symptom 4: Weakness On One Side Of Your Body

When one side of your face begins to droop or if you have numbness in a leg or arm, it is a serious sign of a stroke. Call the paramedics who will rush you to a hospital’s emergency room for a prompt evaluation from a physician.

What Happens When a Physician Makes an Inaccurate Diagnosis?

Every physician should understand the four signs of a stroke. Strokes can occur in every age group and in either gender, but when your physician makes a medical error due to negligence, you must find an attorney to help you seek financial compensation.

A Cleveland medical malpractice attorney understands how to collect your medical information and talk to witnesses to prove your legal case before a judge or jury. Contact Novak Law LLP today to talk to an experienced Cleveland medical malpractice attorney about seeking compensation for a physician’s misdiagnosis.