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We Help Victims Of Medication Errors Pursue Accountability

medication errorMedication is meant to relieve our symptoms or stop the progression of an illness. When doctors, nurses or pharmacies make medication errors — such as prescribing the wrong drug or the wrong dosage, or failing to prescribe an important medication — they are committing serious medical malpractice and should be liable for their mistakes.

Medication errors can lead to relapse, serious illness, long-term side effects and even death. If you or a loved one suffered an injury because of a medication error, the attorneys at Novak LLP can help you. Located in Cleveland, Ohio, we represent clients throughout Ohio who are victims of medication errors such as:

  • Incorrect use of anesthesia
  • Medication overdose
  • Improper use of blood thinners
  • Pharmacy errors such as incorrectly filling prescriptions
  • Prescribing the wrong medication or failing to prescribe necessary medication
  • Prescribing a medication without complete patient information (allergies, medical history, lab results, etc.)

Holding Negligent Doctors And Pharmacies Accountable

Our lawyers are dedicated to protecting our injured clients and holding doctors and pharmacists accountable. A medication error case can bring you compensation for your injuries, medical costs and lost wages. It may also be the only thing that makes doctors, nurses, pharmacists, hospitals and pharmacy companies pause and think the next time they prescribe, sell or use an important medication.

Pharmaceutical Liability

If your injury was caused by the drug itself (not just a doctor’s prescription error), you may be able to bring a lawsuit against the drug’s manufacturer. Taking on a large pharmaceutical company may seem intimidating. Let us help. We have brought class actions and other lawsuits for individuals injured by prescription drugs.

When you add a Cleveland Medical Malpractice Attorney at Novak LLP to your team, you get the advantage of more than 75 years of legal experience.

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