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The Tragic Prevalence Of Emergency Room Errors

emergency room errorsEmergency rooms are chaotic environments where life-or-death decisions must often be made in a matter of minutes. Because lives are at risk, the medical professionals who staff ERs must maintain the absolute highest standards of care. There is no margin for error. The consequence of even a seemingly minor mistake can put the health of patients at risk.

Sadly, emergency room errors happen all too often. The reality is that nurses and doctors are often overworked in an understaffed environment. In a hurry to get to the next patient, they may miss critical red flags and prematurely send patients home.

Pursuing Accountability For Victims Of Medical Negligence

Far too much is at stake for patients in emergency rooms to be victimized by an inattentive or overworked doctor or nurse. At Novak LLP, we believe that patients and their loved ones should never have to suffer the physical and financial consequences of medical negligence.

We provide aggressive representation for victims of emergency room errors such as:

With more than 75 years of experience, our Cleveland medical malpractice attorneys have a reputation for maximizing compensation for clients. We often receive these cases as referrals from other law firms that put their trust in us.

Based in Cleveland, our Cleveland Medical Malpractice Attorneys handle serious injury and wrongful death cases for victims of medical malpractice across Ohio.

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